So... Macros and Starcraft...

I reinstalled Starcraft II over the weekend since I had a hankering to play some campaign. (I've never really been good at the multiplayer, and I hate losing... so...)


Since the last time I played it, I've picked up a new Razer Black Widow keyboard with customizable macros. It was my first attempt at making a macro, but I made a few. Nothing fancy, just one that let me build a SCV with a single button press (1,a), build a marine (2,a), set a command group with a button press (shift,1) (shift, 2) and my favourite, butild a supply outpost with an idle drone (F1,z,e). I'm not really great with using my keyboard in SC (which is probably why I suck at MP) and it's nice to accomplish simple tasks with a single button press instead of fumbling around with multiple keystrokes.

I was doing some reading, and it would seem that Macros may be banned by Blizzard, but I'm seeing different things. First off, how would they know, since it's the keyboard itself that is programmable, and second, isn't there a Blizzard licensed keyboard for SCII that is programmable?


Also, does anyone else have macros that they use for SCII that they really like?

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