So I'm surprised that I haven't seen anything on Kotaku (Maybe I missed it) about EA announcing that all of their future games will feature microtransactions as, according to EA's CFO, gamers have "embraced that way of business."

I find that comment to be highly suspicious. I can already hear what some of you are saying "But we don't have to buy them if we don't want to!" but I still take issue with this line of reasoning. I am concerned that games will turn into nothing more than a delivery mechanism for additional paid content. Developers are going to be continually finding new ways of making you want to purchase additional items, rather than play with the ones you are already using. While you may be able to win with the standard items or skills that the game gives you, the most fun or interesting items or skills may be locked behind a pay-wall.


Remember that brief shining moment when we thought EA had actually turned itself around as a corporation and that Activision was the bad guy? Guess those days are over.

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