Question: What is the best PC game for LAN gaming these days?

I've managed to get a few of my friends interested in PC gaming again. We had a LAN party a couple of months ago and we played CIV5. That was pretty fun, but it was perhaps a little slow moving for a LAN party. We were looking for something to play to lighten the mood when we decided upon giving Warcraft 3 a shot. I dowloaded my legally purchased game from onto a disk and passed it around. Amazingly enough it worked flawlessly for a LAN game, and despite the somewhat outdated graphics, it was a blast to play.


It would appear that the LAN party is a bit of a dying beast. Are there any games out there that are modern, cheap enough to buy or easy enough to "dsitribute" amongst friends, and capable of playing via LAN that people would reccomend?

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