"It has no GAEMS!!!!"

I hear this more and more about consoles these days. It seems to be the common refrain of the first year after any console launch. It plagued the3DS, it plagues the Vita, and I would not be surprised if it plagues the WiiU.


It seems to be really detrimental to a console's success too. Despite the fact that the Vita actually has a pretty decent crop of games, considering it's less than a year into it's life, everyone is afraid to buy one, since "it has no GAEMS!" This of course becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as developers don't want to make games for consoles with a poor install base, and consumers don't want to buy a system for which there are not enough titles.

The thing is, I remember launches of systems from days of yore with far fewer quality titles, and nobody said anything. It was pretty much expected that a quality library takes a while to build up. So, are videogame sites and blogs to blame for this phenomenon?


Are people just more inclined to this perception because they spend more time online reading and listening to the complaints of a self entitled minority?

It kindof seems that way, and I think it's actively hurting the industry as a whole.

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