I'm trying to decide if I should upgrade my PC to run an SLI build.

I'm currently running an Intel i7, 32 Gb of Ram and Ge Force GTX 670 card on a 750w psu. It's only a few months old and pretty bitchin. I made sure that all the parts were set up so that an upgrade to SLI would not be difficult. I figured I'd wait a couple years til 670's were down in price and then beef it up to SLI to keep up with the current generation of hardware.


I'm actually finding that the current performance is not what I would like it to be. It's not bad, but I kindof assumed when I bought the thing that it would be crushing the current crop of games at Ultra settings. I'm noticing though that for a lot of new games when I put the settings up to "ultra" I tend to get between 30 and 40 fps, with the occasional dip below 30. Most recently this is happening with Hitman Absolution.

The games are definitely playable, but I would like to have them locked at 60 fps. So, should I just bite the bullet and upgrade to SLI now? Am I being too picky about framerate? Is it possible that these games are just not optimized to run at 60 fps on Ultra and going SLI won't really solve the problem?


I'm also getting conflicting advice about SLI. I was tempted to put a GTX 660 in. I was told by one person that this would be fine as long as the cards were in the same seires. (Ie. 600 series.) I was then told elsewhere that it wouldn't really work unless I used the exact same card as the first (GTX 670).

Anyone have any advice to offer?

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