I don't buy a lot of games when they are released, but I'm going to have to break that rule twice in March. First, I'm inevitably going to have to purchase HoTS since it's unikely it will see a price reduction any time soon. Also, since it's pretty much a "must have" for me, I've already pre-ordered Bioshock Infinite.

I'm really hoping enough people pre-order it to unlock the free copy of X-Com. I already own it, but I would like to give it as a gift to a friend. I doubt 2K would allow the pre-order bonus countdown to fail. It seems like this would certainly upset a lot of people and make them hesitatant to pre-order in the future. If anything I expect they would just quietly change the numbers behind the scenes and not tell anyone to ensure all the pre-order bouns targets are met.


I'm actually pretty sure the pre-order bonus targets are a bit of a scam. I'm willing to bet the progress bar is completely controlled by 2K/Steam and will undoubtely result in all three bonuses being unlocked. It's an effective ploy to get people to pre-order and to tell their friends to pre-order. I doubt anyone would really have cause to complain if 2K artificially bumped up the numbers so long as everyone got all the bonuses they were expecting. It's pretty much a win/win scenario.

What do you think?

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