Has anyone else pre-ordered The Cave on Steam?

I was all excited to play it at midnight on Monday, January 22 for the January 23, 2013 release. I went online and... nothing... not even a pre-load option. "Okay, I thought... that's fine. I know that games release on Pacific time, so I went to bed, figuring I'd download when I woke up and play it when I got home from work.


Still nothing. Checked last night, and now the January 23, 2013 release date says January 24 2013. WTF? Isn't this game already released on WiiU and XBLA?

Anyone else out there just wishing the damn game would release already? What's up with this delay? Give me some Gilbert/Shafer goodness already.


Kinda wishing I'd gotten it for the WiiU instead now...

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