Elder Scrolls.

I have a hard time seeing the appeal. I played Oblivion for a bit, and then lost interest, mostly due to what appeared to be a total lack of direction.

A friend was kind enough to buy me Skyrim for the PC so I've sunk probably about 12 hours into that. I'm starting to lose interest pretty quickly though. I made the mistake of trying to build a Warrior, and combat is really dull. I keep thinking I should get back into it, but it almost feels like a chore.


These games just seem to lack character. The funny thing is, I tend to love Fantasy settings. I'll take Dragon Age (Origins at least) over Mass Effect, and generally I like reading mideival style fantasy novels. I think FF has been ruined ever since they went for sci-fi settings. The quests don't really seem interesting though. I've yet to come upon any real moral conundrum, and the characters really seem to lack any depth.

Which is strange, becasue I love the Fallout series. Tons of wacky characters, interesting choices and interesting quests abound there.

So, do the Elder Scrolls games get better? Will Skyrim eventually get interesting?

PS> I pre-ordered "The Cave" on Steam last night. I'm really psyched about that. Can't wait to see Gilbert and Shafer back together again. I'll be very disappointed if it sucks.